The 7th Marienbad Film Festival will take place in July 2022

The international festival dedicated to experimental and independent film will take place from 7 to 10 July in the Lesní Mlýn - Donbas hotel in Mariánské Lázně.

"I remember, but I don’t recall it" writes Petr Kabeš in a poem that became the theme of the 7th iteration of the festival. Did we meet last year in Marienbad, on Donbas? Do we know each other at all? This year's edition reveals layers of memory, film archives and sediments to speak about the fleeting present.

This year, too, the festival will create a new layer of memory for Lesní Mlýn - Donbas, a hotel that has fallen into disrepair for thirty years and is now becoming a popular cultural center in Mariánské Lázně.

The program is divided into three sections this year. Výběr/Selection presents guests from various contexts of film experiment in the form of masterclasses, retrospectives and site-specific projects. Forum Marienbad will present the best projects from the open call in the form of screenings and discussions with authors. The  Vzory/Masters section will present a assortment of feature films from established filmmakers who use experimental methods to mainstream art cinema.

Film blends freely with music in Marienbad. The musical program will feature several artists who experiment with sound, play graphic scores or combine music with live visual performances. One such guest will be Petr Vrba, a tireless multi-instrumentalist and improviser who will present his projects of LyrArkestra and Boyse. The festival will also present the music of prominent artists of the Czech alternative scene - Floex, Viah, St. Jacob or techno collective KMEN.

Festival subscriptions including the complete film and music program can be purchased on for CZK 250 until the end of April, and for CZK 500 during the festival.