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Where: Colonnade at Lesní mlýn hotel

coffee and sweet roll 



Where: Waldkino cinema Lesní mlýn

Czechia Deforested (director: Mikoláš Arsenjev) 2020, 14 min, Czech with English subtitles
Clearings are places we turn our eyes away from. The visually refined black-and-white reportage attempts to vicariously provide the physical experience of wood logging and of clearings we create each day. And worryingly poses a question of whether we really care about forests. "What we are doing here is playing a game with charts and numbers, a competition to see who will have more cubic metres harvested and which company will rake in more money.”

MOveMENT (director: Simona Donovalová) 2020, 14 min, without dialogues
(Moment – from a Latin word moveō = set in motion) Waves of moments flow over each other, forming a river of presence. The energy of life does not arise or cease, it only changes its form. Nothing is really equal to anything, each snowflake structure is different.

Bodies from Water (director: Klára Žantová) 2021, 8 min, Czech with English subtitles
The Bodies from Water project focuses on the Bečva river poisoning case, which has been gathering significant media attention since September 2020. The problematic and ambiguous background of the incident which disrupted the aquatic ecosystem of the Bečva river obscures its environmental and political-social impact. The author used the situation as the underlying structure for a narrative that reflects the principle of a destructive human intervention into a landscape. The narrators and creators of a story about the Bečva river are the very inhabitants of the Beskydy landscape area.

Mare Nostrum (režie: Dimitris Anagnostou) 2020, 26 min, Greek and French with English subtitles (GR)
At a vast and desolate coast, around the mid-19th century, a group of Grand Tour voyagers are searching for Arcadia and ancient ruins, the symbols of an emerging Greek and European identity.  More than one century later, a dead body of an unidentified man lies on the same coast. Motionless, almost paralyzed, an anonymous crowd stands numb and stares.



Where: Waldkino cinema Lesní mlýn

Poslední lovesong z muzikálu náhod (režie: Elena Pecenová) 2021, 8 min, česky s anglickými titulky

V meste lásky, kde ste, neviem byť sám (režie: Jan Kvíz) 2019, 8 min, česky s anglickými titulky

Říkal si Hurikán, kluk jako ty, na krku osmnáct, nesplnil slib, Už měl být s dívkou svou, jak se sešeří Už bylo k lásce prostřeno na večeři (režie: Jan Kvíz) 2020, 9 min, česky s anglickými titulky

Třpyt! (režie: Laura Trenčanská) 2020, 5 min, česky s anglickými titulky



Where: Hotel Lesní mlýn – Orangery (STUDIO MARIENBAD)

Studio of intermedia work II jamming podcast – presentation (Academy of Fine Arts) 
45 min



Where: Lesní mlýn hotel – Grand hall

Zabouchnutá (režie: Vojtěch Strakatý) 2016, 13 min, česky s anglickými titulky

Teď správně, potom špatně (režie: Hong Sang-soo) 2015, 121 min, korejsky s českými titulky



Where: Lesní mlýn hotel – Grand hall

White on White (director: Viera Čákanyová) 2020, 74 min, slovak with english subtitles (CZ/SK)

Viera Čákanyová kept a video diary while staying at the Polish Antarctic station, where in 2017 she shot the film FREM (2019), whose main character was an artificial neural network. During her stay, the author chats with various artificial intelligences, leading conversations that touch on the nature of film, art, and the meaning of life while also revealing a way of thinking that’s free from humanity and from an emotionality that forces deep introspection. Footage from her routine, everyday life at the station contrasts with lyrical images of the immaculate Antarctic nature, which the author complements with her own commentary and thoughts provoked by the loneliness of the ice-covered landscape.

„How can you think something fundamentally inhuman? I'm making a film about artificial intelligence, but it's getting harder, more absurd. The Antarctic landscape works like a drug. Am I walking in the white darkness, looking for a sense of relief? I am a matter with consciousness, far from thermodynamic equilibrium. That's the only thing I can report on.“ V. Čákanyová



Where: Lesní mlýn hotel – Grand hall

Mandibules (director: Quentin Dupieux) 2020, 77 min, French with English subtitles 

Jean-Gab and Manu, two simple-minded friends who find a giant fly trapped in the boot of a stolen car and decide to train it, hoping to make a ton of money. This wild and surreal road movie by the internationally acclaimed director Quentin Dupieux tells a unique and comic story about friendship, big dreams and even bigger disasters, all set in motion by the discovery of a giant fly.



Where: Waldkino Lesní mlýn

algorythmic, modular, livepatching
Leoš Hort aka HRTL is a top performer on modular synthesizer and founder of Bükko Tapes, a Brno-based cassette label that releases music by Eastern European bedroom producers. He is also affiliated with Bastl Instruments company that produces hand-made open-source music hardware.
HRTL's music has made its way from classical instruments to modular synths, evolving from post-witch-house towards repetitive rhythms with rich melodic and sound elements, changing atmosphere and playful structures.

tech house, melodic techno
"Music brings out the best in people – a sense of connection, love and fun. There is nothing better than contributing to such moments. Although I love to be swept away by the energy of the audience, I mostly play Tech House and Melodic Techno genres.
I want to save the world with music. And Mariánské Lázně is a good place to start.“